Ebenezer Kojo Samuels

Kojo Samuels
Ebenezer Kojo Samuels grew up in Liberia/ West Africa

• 1973 – 76
teacher of arts and sculptor in Liberia and the USA

• 1976 – 78
foundation and leadership of the band KAPINGBDI, afro-rock-jazz

• 1978 – 85
annually tours with KAPINGBDI. Since 1986 after the dissolution of the band in the USA: living and working in Germany

•leadership of and participation in ensembles of different style tendencies
•freelance composer, studio musician, soloist
•film music, radio plays, (radio play price New York 1996)
•teaching of music, dance and improvisation in free workshops/ in institutions
•solo-concerts as multi-instrumentalist, partly in cooperation with dancers
• 1997 – 98
production of the solo-CD “Mr E.K.S. Musix Freedom vol. l”, end of war in Liberia, stay of several months in Liberia, foundation of “Mr. E.K.S. and his X-Band”

• 1998
musical conception and performance for “persons applying for asylum”, Schauspielhaus Hamburg (theater Hamburg)

• 1999 – 2000
annual tour “Mr E.K.S. and his X-Band”, production of the CD “PEACE”

• 2001
commencement of teamtraining/ formation of personaliy in the range of management (drumming), preparations traumahealing/ musical work with war-damaged children

• 1971-2000
expositions: large-sized, detailed batiks, clay figures, objects, drawings, graphics in different galleries in Germany, Spain, Africa, USA

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